Regular Oil Checks

7th December 2017

Regular Oil Checks

Your oil is a valuable commodity and you need you look after it.


When should I check my oil storage?


We recommend you have a look at your tank at least once a month and every time before you place an order to have it filled to make sure it isn’t damaged or leaking.


What should I look for?


You should look for anything on or around your tank installation that could indicate a leak is likely to happen, or oil has been lost to the environment. You should:


Make sure that the tank installation isn’t becoming over grown with vegetation that would hide the condition of the tank. Check the tank base or supports for cracking or subsidence. Ensure the tank has a working contents gauge; if this has a value make sure it’s closed. Check all visible pipework, valves and filters for damage and signs of leaks, such as dampness or staining, especially around joints. Check the vegetation around the tank for signs of die-back. Check the secondary containment (tank bunds) for liquid or rubbish. Check that drip trays for remote fill pipes haven’t got any oil or water in them.


If you see anything you’re worried about or that’s changed since you last looked, you should seek advise.